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  • Removable battery:
    1. Check the battery condition If battery condition is OK, then remove the battery and clean the battery connector and terminal from dry cotton or piece of cloth.
    2. After that insert the battery and Charge your device to at least 10-15 minute and then try turning it on.
    3. If handset is not powering on then visit to intex care partner.

    Fixed battery:
    1. Charge your device for at least 10-30 minutes and then try turning it on. If that doesn’t work then visit to intex care partner.
    2. If handset is not powering on then visit to intex care partner.

  • A: Please check if the phone is in the On state or Off
    If it is on, please:
    1. Check the data cable
    2. Check the charger
    3. Retry after power-off
    4. If the charger and data cable found burnt or damage then try to change from the intex service centre.

    Note: If the phone is switched off and the battery is completely drained of power, please charge the phone for at least 15 minutes to see if it’s charging.

    If the phone is still unable to charge, please contact with intex service centre.

  • A: There could be several possible reasons for this.
    Removable battery and Fixed Battery
    1. Please check the battery condition.If the battery is not loose with the handset,remove the memory card .
    2. After removing the memory card,if still the problem persists then factory reset the handset.Before factory reset take backup of all the data.
    Procedure of the factory reset: Go to "Menu">>"settings">>"Backup and reset">>"factory data reset">>"reset phone">>"Erase everything"
    3. After factory reset the handset if problem is not resolved then visit to nearest Intex care partner.
    4. If battery loose with the handset then visit to intex care partner.

  • 1. Please check the direction to insert the sim card in the SIM card slot.
    2. If SIM card not detecting then remove the SIM card from the SIM card slot and clean by a dry cloth..
    3. Re-insert the sim and check again .
    4. If still the problem persists then check with another SIM card.
    5. After changing the SIM Card if still the problem persists then visit to nerest Intex care partner.

  • 1. Please remove and clean MMC card with dry clothss/cotton .
    2. Re-insert MMC card and check, if still the same problem persists then check with another MMC Card
    3. After changing the MMC card if still the problem persists then visit to nearest Intex Care partner.

  • 1.First factory reset the phone.
    Procedure :After factory reset the handset -Go to "Menu">>"settings">>"Audio profile">>"General">>"edit">>"SIM 1/SIM 2 call ringtone">>"Media storage">>"select option(JUST ONCE)">>"Choose ringtone">>"OK".

  • 1. Please check Flight Mode/Airplane mode should be disable .
    2. Network signal may be too weak at your current location.
    3. Insert SIM card of another operator and check.
    4. After changing the SIM Card if still the problem persists then visit to nerest Intex care pertner.

  • For Screen capture please follow the below step:
    Method: Press the Power button and Volume Down button at the same time for one or two seconds. The screen will flash, and if your phone is not on Silent or Vibration mode, you’ll hear the shutter sound.

  • Procedure: To transfer contacts from a phone to other phone through MMC card

    1.  Go to "Contacts" >> "Menu" >> "Import/Export" >> COPY CONTACT FROM (Phone contact)"Next>>COPY CONTACTS TO(SD Card)>>Select ALL contacts>> OK>>Export contacts .vcf file>>OK.

     Remove the memory card and insert in the other handset and follow the procedure:

    2. Go To Contact>>Menu>>Import/export contacts>>Import from .vcf file>>SD Card>>Select .vcf file.


  • 1. Dual camera feature use two cameras including a primary camera and a second primary camera.
    2. Primary camera is used to take the pictures and the second primary camera is used to blur the background and foreground while taking the picture.

  • 1. The phone may get stuck while using certain apps or the sliding screen, or while processing a large amount of data.
    2. If it’s an app problem, please wait for 1-2 minutes. If the app is unresponsive and prompts you to stop it, please close the app and run it again.
    3. If many apps are running simultaneously in the backend, they will occupy a large amount of RAM. If the phone freezes for a long time, please press the option key to show the running tasks and close some or all of them.
    4. We can delete catche data Go to "Menu">>"settings">>"Storage">>" Internal shared storage">>" catche data">>"(this will clear cache data for all app)">>" ok.
    5. Back up and factory-reset the phone; flash to the latest ROM can optimize the system operating speed.



There should be no hurdles in your experience with Intex. Let us know anytime that we can be of help to you.

  • Q - What should be checked if there is no output coming from the UPS in both "UPS" and "Power On" Mode?
    A - AC mains socket & on / off switch should be checked. If the switch is "On" then AC mains fuse (Located at the rear of the UPS) should be checked.

    Q - My UPS turns on but in "back-up" mode, what could be the problem?
    A - Check AC Line-in and AC fuse. Check the input voltage - it should not be below 145V or higher than 275V.

    Q - Why is the UPS beeping continuously when in "back-up" mode?
    A - The battery may not be fully charged. Recharge the UPS battery for at least for 8 hours.

    Q - Why there is burning smell coming out from the UPS?
    A - The UPS may be over loaded. Load may be exceeding the specified limit. (i.e. 360W for a 600VA UPS). Reduce the extra load. -If after reducing the extra load burning smell is still coming then check the circuit inside.

    Q - My UPS is giving very low backup time. What could be the cause?
    A - Decrease Load. Recharge the UPS for a minimum of 8 hours.

    Q - Why does my computer system restart every time the A/C power goes off and comes on again?
    A - Please check ground /earth connection of the power supply. The voltage between the ground / earth and Neutral should be below 5 Volt AC.

  • Q - Why is my Computer not detecting the ethernet LAN card?
    A -
             Clean the pin connectors of the LAN card and reinsert.
             Check the PCI slot.
             Change the PCI slot / try in another PCI slot.
             Check the patch cable crimping. It must be as per recommendation of network provider
             Check the cable line. It may be disconnected.
             Check for network neighborhood configuration.
             Check for local IP address and assign it correctly if using TCP protocol.
             Check power supply of Hub / Switch and its ports (if used)
             Check the patch cable type (straight and cross) if more than two Hubs & Switched used.

    Q -Why I am not able to install, the ethernet LAN card, even though the computer has detected it?
    A -
            Check the card for proper insertion in the PCI slot.
            Choose correct driver & Path.
            Uninstall any old drivers before installing the correct drivers.

  • Q - Why is the computer not able to detect and install the sound card?
    A -
          Check PCI slot. Insert card properly in PCI slot.
          Choose the correct driver & its path as recommended.
          Check your PC for old drivers. Uninstall the same to avoid conflict to hardware.

    Q -I am able to install the Sound Card. But why is the sound low?
    A -
          Check the card for proper insertion in the PCI slot.
          Check the out put cable.
          Check the Volume control property in system. (Some time it is in mute or low sound).

    Q - Sound card is installed but why is there is no "sound icon" in the task bar?
    A - Open audio properties and tick in check box and apply. "Sound icon" will appear in task bar.

    Q -What could be the reason for the microphone not working?
    A -
         Check the audio properties and enable the Micro phone if it is disabled
         Check if your head set is working properly

    Q - Why I am not able to record the sound from other source to my PC?
    A -
          Check the input line cable.
          Check if the out put is proper from the source side.
          In the volume control properties check whether the Line-in option is enabled.
          Check if the Line in is muted.

    Q -Why output is coming only from one side (left or right channel)?
    A -
         Check if the volume balance control is in middle position.
         Check the audio software (win amp) volume control is in middle position.
         Check the output cable and speakers.

  • Q - On clicking the "T.V. capture" H/W, why does fail error occur?
    A - Uninstall the driver and reinstall it properly.

    Q - Why I am not able to get video and audio? What do I need to do?
    A -
        Reset the "T.V capture" and select the correct country.
        Check the cable and connect it properly.
        Check the input TV cable line. It must be connected properly with cable connector.

    Q - What could be the reason for not getting picture when Auto scanning is mode?
    A - Check the cable line.

    Q - Why is the picture not clear after auto scanning?
    A -
         Check the "earth" connection of the system.
         Check the cable line it may be open, or near the A/C line.
         Check for the special software and uninstalled if require.
         Check the input cable pin connection. It must be connected properly.
         Check the VGA settings.

    Q - Why it happens, at the time of video capturing the sound does not get recorded?
    A -
          Check the audio in/out cable connection to the T.V Tuner card.
          In Win 98, go to sound card properties and enable "recording" and "line in" option. After enabling, select line in option, then go to           T.V Tuner card properties and enable audio capture, and select apply to start recording with video & audio.
          In win XP, 2000 go to T.V Tuner card properties and enable audio capture and select apply to start recording with video & audio.
          If your motherboard is 865,915or101 then additional sound card is required to be installed.

  • 2.0 Speaker: 320W, 350W, 440W, 455W

    Q - Why is set not powering "ON"? What could be the reason?
    A - Check the Mains Power plug point.

    Q -Why only one channel is working?
    A - Check if the audio input cable (stereo jack) is fixed firmly in the socket. It should be connected properly.

    Q - Why I am getting a jarring sound, at high volume?
    A - Reduce the input volume

    Q - Why is sound not coming from the speakers?
    A - Check if the audio input cable is connected properly. Also check volume control position.

    Sub-Woofer System (2.1, 4.1): 880W, 980W, 1400W, 2000W, 2100W, 2600W, 3000W, 2400W with FM.

    Q - Why there is no power and the set appears dead?.
    A - Check Power plug points & front panel switch. It must be on.

    Q - Why only one channel is working?
    A - Check if the audio in put cable is fixed firmly in the socket, source audio out put. It should be connected properly. Check balance control position in case of 3000W. It should be in the middle position.

    Q - Why there is jarring sound coming at high volume?
    A - Reduce the input volume

    Q - Why there is no sound coming from the set? What could be the reason?
    A - Check if the audio cable is connected properly. Also check volume control position.

    Q - FM is not working properly in model 2400W with FM, what could be the cause?
    A - Change the direction of the antenna and check.

    Sub-woofer System (5.1): 4000W SB, 4000W super, 4000W Elegant, 4000W Harmony, 4800W, 4900W, 5800W, 6800W, 8800W

    Q - Why there is no power? What could be the reason?
    A - Check Mains Power Plug points & front panel switch. It must be on.

    Q - Sound not coming, what could be the reason?
    A -
          Check the status of system.
          It should not be in standby mode.
          Check if the audio in put cable is fixed to the audio source.
          Check volume control.

    Q - Why does the remote control not working?
    A -
         Check the battery condition. It must be inserted in correct polarity as indicated.
          If polarity is OK or the remote not used for a long time then replace all the cells.

    Q - Why are only some channel not working
    A -
          For 2.1 version players or sound card, select Aux/Stereo through remote or panel as per system facility.
          For 5.1 Version Players or 6 channel sound card, select AC3 / 5.1 through remote or panel.
          Check if the audio out cable is connected to speaker socket in proper condition.
          Check the input source audio cables for the proper connectivity.

    Q - Why I am not able to get the 5.1 Surround effect?
    A - Please check
           DVD disc should be of 5.1 Channel sound recording.
           DVD Player must have 5.1 audio outputs.
           Setting of DVD player must be at 5.1 Channel

  • Q - Why there is no power output from the SMPS? What are the possible causes?
    A -
            Check the fuse, AC Input switch.
            Check for UPS for AC output.
            Check main power cable.
            Check the Power socket and Plug Point, It should be attached properly.
            Check the SMPS switch. It should be on.
            Check the power switch on the cabinet. It should be connected properly with Main Board.
            Remove the Processor and Add-on cards from the Main Boards and check if it comes on.

    Q - What could be the reason for the SMPS fan rotating?
    A -
          Check the RAM. It should be fitted properly.
          Remove the Add-on cards then check the system.
          Check the monitor and its VGA cable.

    Q - What could be the reason for my system restarting after some time?
    A -
          Check the UPS output in case of variation.
          Check whether SMPS fan is ok and working.
          Check the OS for virus infection.
          Check the Main Boards for bulging capacitors.
          Check the CPU cooler fan. It should be working properly.
          Check the 20 pin connector, fitted tightly with mother board.
          Check your system Earth /Ground.
          Check your UPS out put voltage & Earth.

  • Q - What is the reason for the keys on the keyboard getting stuck?
    A - Remove the key buttons and clean them by using a clean piece of cloth.

    Q - Why are the Multimedia functions not working?
    A - Check the driver. Reinstall it properly.

    Q - The keyboard is dead / not working, what could be the reason?
    A - Check the cable & connector for physical damage.

    Q - The USB Keyboard does not work, what could be the reaso
    A - Check in setup if the USB Keyboard is enabled.

  • Q - What could be the reason for "No Power" in the DVD?
    A -
         Check if the AC power cord is properly connected.
         Check ON/OFF switch.

    Q - Why I am not able to receive any picture when I play the DVD?
    A -
         Check if the Video cables are connected properly.
         Refer to your TV manual for correct "video-in" channel selection.

    Q - Why do I get distorted pictures?
    A -
    Check the disc for fingerprints / scratches and wipe the disc with soft clean cloth.
    Connect DVD player directly to the TV. Make sure the disc is compatible with the DVD player.
    Ensure that the DVD player's TV type (aspect ratio) is set to match that of the TV.

    Q - What could be the reason for "No Sound" or distorted sound?
    A -
    Adjust the volume
    Check that the speakers are connected properly.
    Check the setting of the DVD player's audio set up.
    Check if the audio format of the selected audio language matches your receiver capabilities.

    Q - Why I am not getting audio from the "Digital Output" connection?
    A -
    Check the digital connections.
    Check if the audio format of the selected audio language matches your receiver's capabilities.

    Q - Why does "No disc" appear on the display when I play a disc?
    A -
    Ensure the disc label is facing up.
    Check if the disc is defective by trying another disc.
    Use original CD/DVD/VCD.
    Play the DVD cleaning disc.

    Q - Why is the Remote Control unit not responding?
    A -
    Check the batteries.
    Direct the remote control towards the sensor at the front of the DVD player.
    Reduce the distance to the player and the remote.
    Check the battery polarity and replace is required.

    Q - Picture not coming on CRT/TFT monitor (connected with DVD Player with VGA option)
    A -
    Check the monitor if it is power ON.
    Check if the setting in General set up for Video is at PC-VGA.

  • Q- My computer won't turn on at all, what could be the reason?
    A -
          Check if the power cord and all cables are securely plugged into computer.
          The power cord is plugged into a grounded outlet.
          Check whether the power outlet is working properly by plugging another item into it.

    Q- When I push one of the special or multimedia buttons on the keyboard, nothing happens, what could be the reason?
    A - If your PC is in MS - DOS mode, the multimedia button on the keyboard will not work

         Check the button configuration. To reconfigure the button.
         Click start on the taskbar.
         Choose programs
         Choose Intex tools.
         Click keyboard manager.
         Ensure to enable the multimedia buttons, and "on - screen" display click box is selected.
         Click the button to configure.
         If all the above settings are found Ok, then reinstall the driver provided with the PC system.
         Insert the driver cd / floppy in the drive
         Double click on the setup.
         Unzip the driver by giving the path in to c: / keyboard.
         The unzipped file automatically convert into the folders of different driver for win98, win2000/XP.
         Choose the OS and setup again it will reload the driver of the keyboard to operate all the multimedia keys.
         To reconfigure the search or Internet button, choose type in a website address, and then enter the complete website's URL in the            address field.
         To reconfigure the help button (labeled on some keyboards) or a shortcut button

    Do the following settings.
        Select an application from the list.
        Choose select a file on your computer, and click browse to find an application.
        Choose or type in a web site address, and then enter the complete site URL in the address field.
        Click Ok.
        Repeat step the above two steps for each button you want to reconfigure.
        Click Ok when you are finished reconfiguring the keyboards.

    Q- Why does keyboard not work? Even through the computer and display seem to work fine.
    A- If the PC beeps repeatedly or if nothing happens when you press any keys, it's possible that the keyboard is connected improperly. Make sure the keyboard is connected to the keyboard port, not to the mouse port. If you need to reconnect these two cables, turn the computer off, reconnected the cables, and then turn the computer back on.

    System Hang
    It's possible that your system hangs. Then press Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys simultaneously then go to the shut down bar from tab key & press to restart the system which is called as soft booting the system. If that doesn't work, press and hold the computer "ON" button until the screen is black (approximately five seconds)

    Q- Why does my computer not make any sound?
        Check the speaker connection. Note that: - in some system include an adaptor cable for the speakers. The left and right speaker's             cables plug into the adaptor cable. The adaptor cable plugs into the speakers port on the back of the monitor.
        Check whether the speakers are turned on (select models only).
        Use the keyboard controls to increase the volume.
        Press the mute button on the keyboard to see if the mute feature is enabled.
        Click the volume icon on the taskbar. Increase the volume, and make sure the mute box is not checked.

    Q - What could be the reason for the display monitor not working, even through the computer appears ON?
    A -
         Check the connection of the power cord into the display Monitor.
         Ensure the monitor is turned on - it has its own power button.
         Ensure the display power cord is plugged into a grounded outlet. Check where the outlet works by plugging another item into it. (If          the light on the front of the display is lit, it is getting power)
         Check the video interface cable connection between the monitor and the computer.

    Q- What could be the reason for only the Mouse not working?
         Ensure the mouse is connected to the mouse port and not the keyboard port. Reconnect these to cables, turn the computer OFF              reconnect the cables, and then turn the computer ON again.
         Ensure you are in the Windows desktop, not in MS - DOS (the MS - DOS interface a plain screen with a prompt that look like this: C          :/>). If you are in MS- DOS, type Exit and press the enter key.
         If the pointer doesn't move on the screen when you move the mouse, clean the mouse ball.
         Remove the mouse ball by unscrewing the bottom of the mouse.
         Clean the mouse ball with a damp cloth (not paper)
         Use your finger to move the horizontal & vertical rollers in the mouse ball housing.
         Replace the mouse ball, and re-fix the the cover.
         Restart the computer by pressing and holding the computer ON button until the screen is black (approximately five seconds). Then          restart the computer.

    Q- Why is my system not able to boot from the floppy drive?
    A- Check CMOS setup for drive type and boot up sequence.

    Q- Why does the HDD controller fail start up?
         First restart the computer & press DEL button immediately till it shows the setup then go the standard CMOS setup by arrow key and      check the HDD status. If it does not appear there in the setup, Detect it by use the auto detect mode to detect the HDD.
         When it detects in the setup then save & exit.
         Reboot the system.
         Also make sure the power connectors are securely plugged into the Hard disk.
         Check the interface cable connection between the hard disk and the motherboard.

    Q- Why is the CMOS setup gets corrupted?
    A- Replace 3V battery or motherboard

    Q- Hard Disc drive is excessively loud, what could be the reason?
    A- Verify that the hard Disc drive is producing the noise and not a fan or CD/DVD drive:

         Runs Disk Defragmentation - listen to the hard drive. Is the noise louder when Disk Defragmentation is running? If the noise is louder,      the hard drive is probably causing the sound.
         To verify this, turn off the computer, open the case, and disconnect the hard drive from the power supply.
         Turn on the computer and listen for the noise. If the loud noise is gone, the hard drive needs to be examined.

  • Q- How many hours of recording can the 512 MB and the 1 GB "Intex MP3Player-Pen Drive-FM-Recorder" store? How good is the sound quality of such recordings? How effective is the microphone in it?
    A - The duration of recording depend upon the number of songs already stored in the player. For 512 MB, the usable memory is 496 MB. If the whole memory is utilized for recording then the duration would be approximately 2 hrs. The no. of songs which could be stored varies from 50-60 depending upon the duration of each song.

    For I GB, the usable memory is around 950MB. If the whole memory is utilized for recording then the duration would be approximately 4 hrs. The number of songs which could be stored varies from 100-120 depending upon the duration of each song. The sound quality is undoubtedly good. There is a good inbuilt microphone.

    Q - Could you please throw some light on the product's charging pattern? Is the battery chargeable via USB or does it require some kind of special batteries or charging mechanism? Can it get connected to computer by USB cable or directly to a USB port? Does it require a charger? And what is the continuous playtime?
    A - The Intex's MP3 player- 512 MB and 1 GB is not rechargeable. The user could use rechargeable batteries for 512MB and 1GB if desired. The continuous playtime depends on the battery backup which in turn depends upon the usage pattern (frequency) adopted by the user.

  • Q - My camera is not connecting to my wifi router.
    A -
            There are a couple of reasons possible for this.
           1. There are some special characters in the name (SSID) or password of your wifi network.
           2. There is a space in the wifi name or password of your wifi router.
           3. We have integrated all major brands of routers to work with it. However, if you use a 3G / 4G
              wifi router or lesser known brand of wifi router it may be possible it has not been integrated with our cameras.
           4. Hold the mobile phone speaker close to the front of the camera. (about 3-5cm away) and try.
           5. Your mobile is not connected to any wifi network.

    Q - How much storage space do I need to record video from my IP camera?
    A -
         1. Storage requirements differ based upon the resolution being recorded in.
         2. On a 64GB SD card you will be able to record for : 720P HD - 3 days

    Q - What is my UID number and how can I find it?
    A -
         1. A UID number is your camera's Unique Identification Number. It is a 15 digit alphanumeric string with 2 dashes in the middle.
         2. It is printed on a sticker that is stuck at the back of your camera.

    Q - What if my camera is on a different subnet e.g. while my camera IP is
    A -
         1. We ship all cameras in DHCP mode so this should not be an issue.


Warranty Policies

We look forward to assist you in the best of our capabilities. We assure you easy and smooth after sales services for the products and complete assistance in warranty policies.


Service Charges

Out of warranty products shall be repaired as per service charges listed below:

(Rs) *
On site
(Rs) *
Consumer Durables Mic, Adoptor, Wall Mounting Kit, Keyboard, Remote ( Multimedia Speaker / TFT-LCD ) 50  
Remote ( Consumer Durables Products - Others ) 75  
Computer Multimedia.Speaker 2.1 , 3.1 , 4.1 Channel 100  
Computer Multimedia Speaker 2.0 , 5.1 Channel 150 250
DVD Player N, P & R Series 100  
Sound Bar / Mini Sound Bar 100 250
LCD / LED TV ( <32 ) 250 300
LCD / LED TV ( >=32 ) 300 500
CRT TV 150 250
LED Monitor ( <32 ) 200 300
Home Appliances Desert Cooler   250
Personal Cooler   250
Window Cooler   250
Window AC   300
Split AC   300
Super Saver (Invertor) AC   300
Refrigerator all Model   250
Semi-Automatic Washing Machine 250 300
Fully-Automatic Washing Machine 250 300
Air Purifier   250
IT-Peripherals Mouse, Remote ( IT / Peripheral Products ) 25  
Add-On Products, AGP Card 50  
Add-On Cards 100  
Barcode Scanner 50  
Battery (IT / Peri) 50  
Battery (Notebook) 100  
Cooling Pad 100  
CCTV Camera 100  
Channel Speakers - Multimedia Speaker / Tower Speaker 50  
Computer Multimedia.Speaker 2.1 , 3.1 , 4.1 Channel 100  
Sound Bar / Mini Sound Bar 100 250
Cabinet without SMPS 50  
Cabinet with SMPS 100  
DVR 100  
Fax Modem, Ethernet Hub 100  
Gaming Pad 50  
Headphone Mega, Standard, USB & Others 25  
Headphone Wireless 50  
Keyboard Multimedia, Slim, Mulitmedia Slim, Wireless, Combo, Mini 50  
Memory Cards, USB Cards 50  
Mouse Normal, Optical PS2, Optical USB, Scroll PS2, Scroll USB, Wireless 25  
MP3 Player, Media Player 50  
SMPS 75  
Speaker ( Others ) 50  
Web Camera 50  
Currency Counting Machine 250 350
Networking W/L Adsl2+ Router, Wireless N Router 100  
Wireless Data Card 100  
Networking - PC 500  
Personal Computer Monitor TFT - LCD 200 300
Notebook / Netbook 500  
Desktop PC 250 350
Power Products CFL Inverter 100  
Home UPS 100 300
Home UPS Trolly 100  
UPS Premium , UPS Economy 100 250
Home UPS - Battery 100 250
Battery ( UPS Others ) 50 250
Power Bank Charger 75  
Other Chargeable Services(CDIT) AC Installation Charges
Window AC   500
Split AC   1050
Super Saver (Invertor) AC   1050
Gas Refill charges (Cost of Gas + Visit charge)
Window AC   1200
Split AC   1800
Super Saver (Invertor) AC   2500
Refrigerator All Model (Gas Type - R134A / R600)   550 / 700
Telecom Feature Phones
S/W Upgrade 100  
Minor part replacement 150  
Major Part replacement 150  
S/W Upgrade 150  
Minor part replacement 250  
Major Part replacement 300  
Datacard 100  
I TAB 150  
I BUDDY 150  
Mobile Green Battery 0  
Earphone 0  
Charger 25  
Power bank charger 25  
(Rs) *
Repair activity for Feature Phone S/W Upgrade 100 Updated S/W version upgraded
Minor part replacement 150 MIC/CONNECTOR/RINGER
Major Part replacement 150 LCD/TOUCH/PCB/FPC/CAMERA
Repair activity for Smart Phone S/W Upgrade 150 Updated S/W version upgraded
Minor part replacement 250 MIC/CONNECTOR/RINGER
Major Part replacement 350 LCD/TOUCH/PCB/FPC/CAMERA



1. Repair warranty will be applicable for 30 days from date of Product repair date.

2. Total Repair cost = Service Charges + spare cost as per actual.

3. Taxes (as applicable) will be additional for both Service charges as well as Spare cost.

4. In case of repeat failure within 30 days, customer to pay spare cost.

5. Estimate charges (25% of Out of Warranty Service charges) should be adjusted in Repair charges, if estimate is approved.



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