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Stay Healthy Always

Backed by the powerful UV Lamp technology & Ionizers to keep you away from harmful germs, huge toxic particles & diseases causing bacteria.

Intex GoodAir AP-330 with UV Lamp Technology

Trendy Looks for an Exotic

Intex GoodAir AP-330 in Trendy Looks

Not only does the GoodAir AP-330 offer a high CADR (220 m3/hr) but also adds life to your room's ambiance with its minimalistic & trendy looks.

Live Life King-Size

With an ability to purify up-to 321 Sq. Feet, the air purifier makes you live your life king size in ultra-clean & fresh surroundings.

Alert of Good Health

Unique Filter Replacement Indicator that alerts you when it's time to replace the filters, so you never miss out on changing the air filters.

Air Purifier

Air intake

GoodAir AP-330 with Real Time PM Digital Display

Have an access to clean & fresh air always with the all new Intex GoodAir AP-330 Air Purifier that works wonders to keep your family in best state of health. It eliminates harmful air germs like Viruses, Bacteria, Mildew etc & purifies the air that you breathe.

Backed by Pre-filter which prohibits large particles from coming near you, & also reduces heavy load on HEPA filter. Effective in purifying an area of around 330 Sq. Feet. Now surround yourself with the goodness & freshness delivered by the GoodAir AP-330 Air Purifier & gift your family members a breath of pure air.

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