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A Promise of Good Health

Clean air is a necessity. Keep the air around you fresh and healthy with GoodAir AP-380. After all, we are what we breathe

GoodAir AP-380 with Fresh and Clean Air

Protect Your Home From The Inside

It’s not just the outside that’s polluted, your own house could be a home to pathogens too.

Protect your house by eliminating germs, viruses, bacteria and other pathogens from the air and lower the risk of air borne diseases.

Gift Your Loved Ones Purity

With Intex GoodAir AP-380, never compromise with the health of the people you care about. Keep a check of the air quality with Real Time PM2.5 Level Display and purify your home’s air up to 375 Sq. Feet.

Intex GoodAir AP-380 Real Time PM2.5 Level Display

Never Forget Health

Healthy air should be a commitment to yourself. With the Intex GoodAir AP-380 smart technology, deliver on that promise as it reminds you when it’s time to change the air filters.

Air purifier that cares.

Air Purifier

Air intake

GoodAir AP-380 with Real Time PM Digital Display

Clean air should rather be considered as a necessity and a right, not as a privilege or a luxury. Protect your family and your home from air germs with the new Intex GoodAir AP-380 Air Purifier – because health can't be compromised.

With pollution and PM2.5 levels on the rise, your health should be taken seriously. Safeguard up to 375 Sq. Feet of area and win the fight against pollution and pathogens with the new GoodAir AP-380 Air Purifier.

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