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A Breath of
Fresh Air

Keep your loved ones healthy and happy by gifting them a breath of fresh air by keeping them away from pollution and its ill effects.

Purify the air you breathe at home.

Intex GoodAir AP 450 with Fresh Air

Keep A Check Of
Your Surrounding

Unaware of the surroundings, we feel our house is away from pollution.

Monitor the PM2.5 Level in your living space and stay healthy.

Purify upto 480 Sq. Feet with your GoodAir AP 450.

GoodAir AP 450 with upto 480 Sq. Feet Purify

Kick Out Diseases
From The Vicinity

With harmful Viruses, Bacteria, Mildew and other air germs in the air around, you are prone to diseases. With GoodAir AP 450, eliminate the air germs and eliminate diseases.

Intex GoodAir AP 450 Diseases Eliminate

Health With A Reminder

Don’t forget to prioritize health. With its smart technology, GoodAir AP 450 tells you when it’s time to change the air filters.

Compromising on health is not an option.

Intex GoodAir AP 450 with Smart Technology

Air Purifier

Air intake

GoodAir AP 450 with Real Time PM Digital Display

Intex GoodAir AP 450 is not a comfort, it’s a necessity. With pollution and PM2.5 levels rising at an alarming rate, it’s our duty to provide our loved ones with healthy air. It can purify up to 480 Sq. Feet area.

Eliminate the air germs and keep your family away from the ill effects and gifting them with good health. Bring home a change. Bring home GoodAir AP 450 Air Purifier.

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