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Every Note Matters

Intex IN-J4001 Currency Counting Machine

Give That
Hand Some

Give up the tedious and tiring work of counting currency notes.

Count and detect notes accurately with Intex Currency Counting Machine in seconds!


Keep a close check on the notes and avoid
counterfeit currency without a fail.

Automatic half note detection check for
damaged notes. Your money is now safer

Intex IN-J4001 with Automatic Half Note Detection
Intex IN-J4001 with Self-diagnostic System

Ease At

With easy maintenance and self-diagnostic system, there is nothing to worry about. Ease is all you need.

Is The Key
To Trust

With eye-catching, easy to understand display panel and user friendly control panel, the currency counting machine is here to make work a lot simpler!

Intex IN-J4001 with Control and Display Panel

The all new Intex IN- J4001 Currency Counting Machine is here to make money counting simpler and accurate. Count the counts without a miss and also detect fake and counterfeit notes without a miss. Easy to see and understand display panel makes it a perfect choice for everyone.

With its automatic half note detection, you’ll never miss out on damaged notes. With superior features and the trust of Intex Technologies, IN- J4001 Currency Counting Machine is the right choice!

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