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Intex IN-N2001 Currency Counting Machine

Currency Counting Machine IN-N2001

Quality That Counts

A very attractive, easy to understand display panel with numeric keypad.

Easy maintenance with self-diagnostic system.

Intex IN-N2001 with1000 pcs Counting Speed per minute

High quality, performance and reliability

Option for Automatic & Manual Start

Be fast, Be thorough

With a counting speed of up to 1000 pcs per minute along with an unmatched accuracy, it does all the heavy work quickly and efficiently.

No More Counterfeits

Automatic Perfect Note Detection working with MG, UV and IR are to protect you against counterfeits and damaged notes – because quality should never be compromised.

Count Smart

A bright and easy to understand display panel with numeric keypad to make it more user friendly. With heavy duty motors along with overheat protection and tough body materials built with Flame retardant and explosion-proof ABS, this machine is as tough as it is functional.

Intex IN-N2001 with Display Panel and Numeric Keywords

Counting and Detecting Made Simpler

All your counting and detecting needs taken care of with easy maintenance and self-diagnostic system. Simple has a new definition.

Intex IN-N2001 with Self-diagnostic System

Accuracy has a new name – Intex IN-N2001 Currency Counting Machine. With loads of features such as Half Note detection, extremely high counting speed, easy maintenance and self-diagnostic system, it makes counting notes more efficient and more accurate.

The easy to see, easy to understand display panel with the numeric keypad makes it more user- friendly and easy to use.The tough body material with flame retardant, explosion-proof ABS and overheat protection makes it safe and sturdy.

The new IN-N2001 Currency Counting Machine – Quality that counts.

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