LCD TV Tuner from Intex for the greater experience of TV Viewing.


I Interface:Power Connect 5V DC, VGA IN 8-pin mini DIN, LINE...

Technical Specifications

  • YES Power Connect 5V DC
  • YES VGA IN 8-pin mini DIN
  • YES VIDEO IN 75 Ohm RCA jack
  • Less than 5W Power Consumptions
  • Window / full -screen show. NA
  • capture high-quality static picture and support MP NA
  • Reach 30 frames per minute with the resolution 720 NA
  • Support USB plug & play function NA
  • Support overlay show NA
  • Brightness,contrast,saturation and chorma adjustab NA
  • Support Windows XP / VISTA / WIN7. NA
  • Support USB2.0 (Hi-Speed) standard. NA
  • I Interface Power Connect 5V DC, VGA IN 8-pin mini DIN, LINE I
  • Power Connect 5V DC YES
  • VGA IN 8-pin mini DIN YES
  • * LINE IN 3.5 mm STEREO Audio port (connect with LINE OUT interface of sound card) YES
  • * AUDIO IN L/R/RCA jack (connect with DVD,VCR and etc) YES
  • Antenna 750Ohm TV Antenna RF jack YES
  • VIDEO IN 75 Ohm RCA jack YES
  • S-VIDEO cable to 4-pin mini DIN YES
  • O Interface: -
  • VGA OUT 15-pin D-SUB YES
  • AUDIO OUT 3.5 mm STEREO Audio port YES
  • VIDEO OUT 75Ohm RCA jack YES
  • Power Consumptions Less than 5W
  • PAL System 48.25 - 863.25 MHz
  • NTSC System 55.25 - 801.25 MHz
  • TV System Support PAL BG/DK/I or NTSC or SECAM BG/DK or PAL M/N
  • 1. Support output resolution up to: YES
  • (4:3)800x600/60Hz,800x600/75Hz,1024x768/60Hz,1024x768/75Hz,1600x1200/60Hz YES
  • (16:9) 1366x768/60Hz,1600x900/60Hz,1920x1080/60Hz YES
  • (16:10)1440x900,1680x1050,1920x1200 YES
  • 2. Support 4:3,16:9 display mode YES
  • 3. Preview all progrms in 4,9 or16 pictures YES
  • 4. PIP function,display the picture of TV program on the status of PC YES
  • 5. Full Channel Scan YES
  • 6. Support PAL BG/DK/I/M/N or SECAM BG/DK system of cable TV and air TV YES
  • 7. Support all systems of input video YES
  • 8. Full functional remote control operating,OSD displaying YES
  • 9. Using Video,S-Video interfaces,able to connect with camera,VCD or TV game console YES
  • 10. Support VIDEO output function to connect to themonitor or DVR YES
  • 11. With FM function YES

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