Intex IT-306WC Webcam | Best Webcam for PC



Technical Specifications

  • USB 1.1 I/O interface
  • RGB 24, I420 Image Format
  • Focus Distance 4cm ~infinity
  • Frame Rate Up to 30 fps
  • I/O interface USB 1.1
  • Image Control Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Saturation, Gamma, White Balance
  • Image Flip Horizontal, vertical
  • Image Format RGB 24, I420
  • Image Resolution 30 Mega pixels (3264X2448) interpolated
  • Image sensor 1/7" CMOS sensor
  • Lens View angle 54 degree
  • Monitor Type CRT, LCD
  • Power Consumptions 160mW typical
  • ENVIRONMENT Indoor, Outdoor

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