Intex LED Monitor 1601

Experience The Beauty of Vivid Colours

Intex LED Computer Monitor 1601

Intex LED Monitor 1601 with 40 cm Display

Panel Size – 40cm

Captivating display for Crisp Viewing. Backed by powerful light emitting diodes (LEDs) to experience lively colors for a matchless statement

Feast for your eyes

Intex LED Monitor 1601 is going to redefine style by its sleek, modish looks & glossy finish frame.

Intex LED Monitor 1601 with Sleek Design & Glossy Frame

Glare Screen for a
truly immersive viewing

Base Stand Tilt Adjustability for
comfortable viewing angle

High on entertainment

Massive Power Saving
Low Power Consumption (<20W)

Intex LED Monitor 1601 with Power Saving

LED Monitor 1601 is a sleek, elegant and super powerful monitor that redefines viewing altogether. This is your perfect home or workplace partner. The feature-rich monitor boasts a spectacular display. It gives in a really comfortable viewing angle to simply make work much more fun. Its low power consumption saves more power and gives an enthralling experience.

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