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LED-2111 FHD

The promise of a brighter world

Dynamic Contrast Ratio: Mega

We live in a world of vivid colors and brighter pictures.

From the darkest blacks to glitzy whites, let this LED TV leave your bedazzled with its dynamic contrast ratio.

Eye safe T Matrix

Nothing works better than an LED TV which eliminates lags, ensures faster response time and better viewing experience without straining the eyes.


Built-in Stereo Speaker

Hear new music and capture the various moods of sound over a wide area 3W X 2. The LED TV supports a built in speaker to produce balanced stereo sound over a wide area.

View Life crisp and clear

The LED TV is packed with crisp, clear and razor sharp visuals. Sometimes just a little of magic is needed to capture your attention. Get set to experience the science of FHD.

Power Saving

You wouldn’t mind watching TV all day long

It’s the perfect companion for you all day long as it consumes less power than other LED TVs. Cut through the clutter of paying high electricity bills with this one.

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