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As good as your eyes

Intex LED 2207 SS Full HD TV

LED 2207 SS FHD with 55 cm Display

Seeing is not enough. Feel what you see

A 55 cm Full HD Display with a resolution of 1920x1080 that brings the colors alive. Experience what you see

Listen to Sheer Brilliance

Amazing stereo sound with enhanced bass, listen to every sound clearly and feast your senses

LED 2207 SS FHD with Stereo Sound

A Visual World full of Options

Never run out of options when it comes to entertainment. Connect USB, HDMI, PC Audio, Headphones and entertain yourself the way you want

LED 2207 SS FHD with USB, HDMI, PC Audio & Headphones

Safeguard your TV Watching experience

With Eye Safe T Matrix Technology, prevent your eyes from tiring or any ill effects. Happy TV watching!!


LED 2207 SS FHD with Eye Safe T Matrix Technology

Enhance your TV watching experience with LED-2207 SS FHD. With its 55 cm Full High Definition display, experience the visuals better and clear. The robust Stereo sound surrounds you with crystal clear sound to give you an unmatched experience. With Eye Safe T Matrix technology, prevent your eyes from getting tired or bear any ill effect. The Smart Power Consumption technology helps you save more energy and money. Happy TV watching.

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