Bring Home A New Dimension

LED-2208 FHD

Intex LED 2208 Full HD Television

LED 2208 FHD with 55 cm (22) wide Full HD Display

The Center Of Attraction

Bring home a masterpiece!
55 cm (22) wide Full HD Display highlights every detail and brings out the best.

Decorate your home with liveliness!

With Care

Don’t let TV watching be a tiring experience.

LED 2208 FHD is equipped with Eye Safe-T Matrix that’s designed to keep your eyes relaxed and reduce stress.

Happy entertainment!

LED 2208 FHD with Eye Safe-T Matrix

Surround Yourself With Fun

Get to hear every minute sound in detail and make TV watching even better.With High Fidelity Speaker Sound, listen to every beat clearly

LED 2208 FHD with High Fidelity Speaker Sound
Intex LED 2208 Full HD with Smart Power Saving Technology

Be Your Responsible Self

A technology that gives back.With Smart Power Saving Technology,pay less and enjoy more

Brighten up your home with the new LED 2208 FHD, a new dimension to TV watching. Big 55 cm (22) Full HD Display brings the visuals to life and enjoy every detail in HD. Surround yourself with sheer brilliance with High Fidelity speaker sound to back up the entertainment. Safe Eye-T Matrix keeps your eyes relaxed and eliminates lag. Watch more, save more, pay less with Smart Power Saving Technology. Get the LED 2208 today!

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