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The Lustre of High Definition

LED 4018 FHD

Intex LED 4018 Full HD TV

Panel Size 102 cm (40)

A Glimpse Of Brilliance

102 cm (40) of sheer brilliance. With a Full HD Panel, a resolution of 1920x1080, Intelligent Picture Technology and Dynamic Contrast Ratio, your TV watching experience will be changed forever.

Intex LED 4018 102cm Full HD Display

Pleasure With Care

The Eye Safe-T Matrix technology takes care of your eyes and makes sure you
enjoy every little details, safely.


The Sounds Of The Divine

A Built-in Speaker Stereo with Digital Noise Reduction and High Fidelity Speaker Sound, the amazing sound quality of LED 4018 FHD completely consumes you.

High On Entertainment, Low On Costs

With a Wide Voltage Range and Smart Power Saving technology, it does not give you just entertainment, it gives you savings.

LED 4018 FHD with Smart Power Saving Technology

The all new Intex LED 4018 FHD TV is majestic. The visuals are just amazing. With an array of features like a Full HD Panel, Intelligent Picture Technology, Dynamic Contrast Ratio, Digital Noise Reduction, High Fidelity Speaker Sound, Eye Safe-T Matrix and Smart Power Saving Technology, your TV watching experience will be changed forever. The new LED 4018 Full HD Television - a new definition for brilliance.

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