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The Magic

Panel Size 147 cm (58)

LED 5800 FHD

Intex LED 5800 Full HD Television

Intex LED 5800 FHD with 147cm Full HD Panel

With a 147 cm (58) FHD Panel and Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio, listen what colors have to say.

The High Definition Picture Quality makes your TV watching experience simply awesome.


The Future

Smart Power Saving Technology
guarantees entertainment that is
easy on the pocket.

LED 5800 FHD with Smart Power Saving Technology

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Intex LED 5800 FHD with Digital Noise Reduction Technology

Brilliance of

The Built-in Stereo along with the Digital Noise Reduction Technology produce sound so stunningly crisp, you will find out a whole new definition of clarity.

Your eyes are precious.
Take care of them with the Eye Safe-T Matrix Technology without compromising on all the fun.


Open the window to a new reality with 147 cm (58) Full HD Panel on the new Intex LED 5800 FHD TV that combines colors together to deliver magic.

The built-in stereo surround sound brings entertainment to life.

With Smart Power Saving Technology, reduce your power consumption and go easy on the pocket.

The LED 5800 FHD Television comes with Eye Safe-T Matrix that provides complete care for your eyes.

It’s not just a TV, it’s a promise of care!

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