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LED 6500 FHD

An Aura of Beauty

The amazingly crisp 165 cm (65) Full HD Panel is simply breathtaking.
The beautiful blend of colors and detail will leave in awe.

With a resolution of 1920x1080, Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio and High
Definition Picture Quality something not to miss.

LED 6500 FHD with 165cm Full HD Panel

Care without

compromising Pleasure

The Eye Safe-T Matrix takes care of your precious eyes without compromising on the entertainment quality.


A Musical Marvel

With a built-in stereo speaker and digital noise reduction, experience sound so crisp and clear, you won’t know the difference between a movie theatre and your living room.

LED 6500 FHD with Built-in Stereo Speaker

LED 6500 FHD with Smart Power Saving Technology

Entertainment that's worth it

The Smart Power Saving Technology makes sure that you get high quality entertainment without making a hole in your pocket.

After all, money saved is money made.

Connect To The HD World

Play your jam just right. With Full HD Video playability through USB 2.0, awesomeness will overflow!

LED 6500 FHD with Full HD Video playability

It's All About Convenience

With a comfortable viewing angle of 176/176, Digital Noise Reduction and much more, the LED is crafted for convenience!

The new Intex 6500 FHD TV is a work of art.

With a 165 cm (65) Full HD Panel, enjoy visuals like never before.

The Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio, Eye Safe-T Matrixmake sure that you get quality entertainment without straining your eyes.

The Mega The Built-in Stereo Speaker and Digital Noise Reduction produce sound so crisp, you won’t want to listen to anything else

With Smart Power Saving Technology, you get an awesome TV watching experience without spending a fortune.

With the new LED 6500 FHD Television, explore a world full of wonders.

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