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Intex G4301 FHD LED TV

  • Panel Size 109 cm (43)
intex led g4301 fhd tranquilize


Brought To Life

Tranquilize your senses with the all new LED that boasts of 109 cm (43) Full HD display for a real time experience.

Captivate your auditory senses with stereo sound and Digital Noise Reduction. Complete entertainment at your ease.

Intex 4301 LED TV with 108 cm FHD Display


Gamers At Work

Feed the gamer in you. Inbuilt 5 Unique OSD Games like Mario, Battle Cry, Arknoid, Ice Climber and Donky kong along with 25 NES games that keep your adrenaline rushing. Game on!


With Safety

Play on without a worry. Eye Safe-T Matrix automatically adjusts the contrast, brightness and sharpness to provide a soothing color combination that prevents your eyes from tiring. Gamers unite!

Plug and Play

Never run out of options. Connect multiple devices through 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports and 1 VGA port. Versatility at its utmost best!

Intex G4301 FHD LED with 2 HDMI, 2 USB & 1 VGA Ports

All gamers unite! The new Intex G4301 FHD LED is the perfect treat for you. 109 cm (43) Full HD panel immerses you in visuals and lets you be a part of the vicinity. Let yourself get carried away with a Stereo sound that surrounds you with awesomeness. Digital Noise Reduction ensures that the disturbances are reduced to the minimum and you get to hear sheer brilliance.

Give in to the 5 Unique OSD Games that are inbuilt along with 25 NES games that are just spot on for you gamers! The LED ensures that nothing comes between you and your gaming experience. Eye Safe-T Matrix feature adjusts contrast, brightness and sharpness automatically to give you a soothing experience and prevent your eyes from tiring. With multiple connectivity options like 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports and a VGA port, stay full of life and entertainment. Game on with the new G4301 FHD LED.

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