A perfect getaway to entertainment

Intex LED TV 3213 with Panel Size 80 CM

Screen Resolution

Give in to an immersive watching experience

80cm HD Display with native resolution of 1366x768 and a viewing angle of 176/176 gives you an experience of being surrounded with your virtual world

LED TV 3213 with Unmatched Sound Quality

Give yourself a sound boost

Stereo sound surrounds you with the audio and keeps you engrossed in the vicinity

Eye Safe Technology

A safe viewing experience to safeguard the eyes

Eye Safe T Matrix technology keeps your eyes safe and prevent them from tiring to give you an enjoyable TV time

LED TV 3213 with Smart Power Saving Technology

Low power consumption, high savings and high entertainment

Pay less for more entertainment. Smart Power Saving technology reduces the power consumption and goes easy on your pocket and environment

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