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Rebuilt the Visual Aura

Intex LED-3216 HD TV

Feel the World Better

80 cm HD display brings the visuals to life and surrounds you with beautiful
colors. Feel the virtual world

LED-3216 with 80 cm HD Display

Craft Excellence

Build in Stereo sound system delivers each sound crystal clear.
With Digital Noise Reduction, hear brilliance in every sound

LED-3216 with Stereo Sound

Your Safety is Our Priority

Eye Safe T Matrix Technology brings home safety for eyes. Protect your family’s
eyes from getting tired or effected

LED-3216 with Eye Safe T Matrix Technology

Pocket Friendly Entertainment

Bring home technology that goes easy on pocket and environment. Smart power
consumption helps you save more energy. Cheers to responsible TV watching

LED-3216 with Pocket Friendly Entertainment

The new Intex LED-3216 is a power packed entertainer for your house. 80 cm HD panel
brings your living room to life and keeps you engaged. Listen to sound at its best with
Stereo sound and enjoy your TV watching time to the fullest. Eye Safe T Matrix Technology
helps keep your eyes safe and avoids tiring. Enjoyment at its best

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