Intex miFon

Redefining Smart In

Track Smartness With Ease

Track your phone using Data or SMS and get to know the whereabouts of your smartphone along with an integrated view of all the devices including family.

Track Your Phone with Intex miFon Security App

Lighter Is Better

Get rid of the junk and unused files and get more space for the stuff you love! Smart scanning helps keep your smartphone protected by scanning all apps and files for viruses.

Keep Your Smartphone Protected with  Intex miFon Security App

Security You Can Bank Upon

SOS feature sends an SMS to preconfigured contacts in case of emergency. Get an email when the battery is low to know the last location of your smartphone. Awesome is an understatement!

Intex miFon Security App with SOS Feature

My Smartphone, My Rules

Don't let anyone touch your smartphone without your permission. thefie helps you click the picture of anyone who tries to unlock your phone. Get an alert when the SIM in your phone is changed

Misplace Is The Word Of Past

Locate your smartphone with a map-based location. A siren makes the phone wail from any other smartphone too! Enable a custom message on the screen of your phone in case you misplace it. Also, remotely wipeout the entire phone to prevent losing your data. The future is now!

Intex miFon Security App with a Map-Based Location

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