Intex DC-01 Charger

Power in your car

Charge Multiple Device

The DC-01 Car charger comes with Premium Dual (2.4A+1A) USB slots. Charge up to two devices at a time with the powerful dual USB that charge your devices faster

Intex DC-01 with Premium Dual USB Slots

Enjoy More With Fast Charging

A compact and powerful USB based adaptor to provide you with fast charging so you never run out of juice while on a move

Intex DC-01 Car Charger for Handheld Devices

Go Universal

The DC -01 lets you go universal, because it has been designed to charge most Handheld Devices such as Smartphones, Tablet, Android Phones and many other USB Powered Device.

Intelligent charging

Intelligent circuit design protects against overheating, over charging, short circuits and over currents. The DC-01 comes with an LED Light Indicator so you can keep track of your battery life.

What’s more, with the Fast Charging feature, you never run out of juice.

Intex DC-01 with LED Light Indicator

DC-01 is a perfect partner for Car and Gadget lovers. Roam around without worrying about your smart device running out of power. Charge your smartphone, iPhone, iPod or iPad with a powerful dual USB Adaptor made for your car that can charge two devices simultaneously. An intelligent circuit design prevents over heating, over charging and short circuits. More power to you!

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