Intex IN-502 DUCC Car Charger

For The World Is On The Move

Intex IN-502 DUCC Dual USB Ports Car Charger

Power For Your Loved Ones

Chances are that you’re travelling with someone who is also short of battery. Understanding the need, the charger provides premium dual USB ports for fueling in two devices simultaneously. Awesome, isn’t it?

We Know You Love Speed

Over speeding on road may not be a good idea but charging your phone with great speed definitely is. 2.4A port for lightning fast charging saves the day!

Intex IN-502 DUCC Super Speed Car Charger, 2.4A port
Intex IN-502 DUCC Car Charger in Smart Design

Charging With
A Peace Of Mind

The smart design and secure circuit protects against over-heating, over-currents, over charging and short circuit. So charge, worry free.

Stay Charged On The Wheels

While you shouldn’t over speed on the road, charging your smartphone is one thing where speeding is good. 2.4A port for lightning fast charging saves the day!

Intex IN-502 DUCC Super Speed Car Charger for Your Smartphone

The new Intex IN-502 DUCC Car Charger is the car accessory you all need. While you are on the move, it fuels up your smartphone to keep you connected. It not just looks after your charging need but also your travel partner with two premium USB ports to charge two devices simultaneously. Ensure a lightning fast charging with 2.4A port that saves your time and keeps you going! A smart and secure design protects against overheating, overcharging and short circuits. So, now just travel free of worries about getting your device out of power. Charge, worry free with IN-502 DUCC Car Charger.

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