Intex Starri Sync & USB Charge Cable (LT-RD-1M) with PET Technology

Intex Starri Sync & Charge Cable (LT-RD-1M)

Sync & Charge Cable

LT-RD-1M (made for apple)

Your Phone’s New Best Friend

The Apple Specialist

Premium, durable and perfectly-fitting lightning cable to charge and sync your
Apple iPhone, iPod or iPad* with your personal computer

Suit Your Style

A perfect match for a device of any color, White is the color of class.
1000mm length provides you the convenience of charging at your ease

Perfect Amalgamation of
Style And Safety

Stylish looks along with licensed MFI Cable* with housing and
wear-resisting PET technology makes sure your charging
cable lasts longer

Intex LT-RD-1M Cable

Charge your phone at lightning fast speed with the stylish LT-RD-1M. Connect and sync your iPhone, iPod or iPad with your system, Car DC Output or simply with an adaptor on the wall output. With aluminum housing and wear-resisting technology don’t worry about your cable wearing out.

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