Intex Starri Sync & Charge Cable U2-AM-1M

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Sync & Charge Cable


Power Up Your Android

Starri U2-AM-1M Charge Cable for Fast and Convenient Charging

Boost Your Android

Sync and charge your Android smartphone or tablet with your PC or adaptor wall outlet for a lightning fast and convenient charging

Starri U2-AM-1M Charge Cable with 480 Mbps Data Transfer Speed

Transfer Data On The Go

Data transfer can be a time taking process. But with U2-AM-1M transfer data faster and ease up the process

Your Partner For Long
Style And Safety

With PVC Plastic Cover and Jacket the cable is strongly build
and reduces your worry of wearing out

Conveniently Stylish

A Classic white color give your cable a desirable look
and 1000mm length makes charging convenient

Intex U2-AM-1M Charge Cable with 1000 mm Length

Intex U2-AM-1M Charge Cable with PVC Plastic Cover and Jacket

Give a power boost to your Android's charging with the new Intex U2-AM-1M sync and charging cable which charges your android device at a lightning fast speed. Connect with your PC, Wall output or Car DC output and charge at your convenience. With a PVC Plastic cover and jacket, go worry free about your charging cable wearing out. A 1000mm length makes your charging convenient

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