Intex HFK-301 Mobile Accessories


Comes with an integrated microphone, support you Listen to M...

Technical Specifications

  • With a closed in-ear design, It offers a snug fit to your ears to eliminate all noises thereby producing crystal clear audio Yes
  • Hook up your music listen to FM Radio or your favorite tracks in stereo when you plug into your compatible mobile/device Yes
  • Comes with an integrated microphone, support you Listen to Music or Chat Freely Yes
  • It is wired and has a 3.5mm jack that can be used to connect to any music source with a compatible port Yes
  • Featuring soft ear cups, this pair of canalphones feel comfortable and ensure a soothing music streaming experience for long,without causing ear pain Yes
  • Premium Cables & Earphone Design Yes
  • Compatible for SAM & NOK (individually) Yes
  • Available Color Black

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