IT-PB5K Poly

The Bank of Power
in Your Palm

Intex IT-PB5K Poly Power Bank

Designed for Go-Getters

Sleek metallic design with a contrasting rim makes everything on point to let you feel classy! This engineered lightweight design makes sure that the power bank comes in handy through all your travelling ventures.

Intex IT-PB5K Poly with Sleek Metallic Finish

Power that Commands

The unstoppable 500 lifecycles and the high-power 5000mAh Li-polymer battery of this power bank makes sure to offer you the unlimited power. Enjoy being unstoppable with no full stop to your power supply!

Intex IT-PB5K Poly with 5000mAh Battery

Twice as strong as it can be!

With the option of 2 USB ports this power bank eliminates your limited options and gives the full power to charge twice as many devices as you like. Compatible from smartphones to cameras, this power bank is the one for you!

Intex IT-PB5K Poly Power Bank with 2 USB ports

Giving a commendable power backup Intex IT-PB5K Poly power bank is designed for the ones who crave for class and adventure alike. The high-power 5000mAh Li-Polymer battery gives you more than 500 lifecycles to charge any of your favorite devices. The 2 USB ports increase your options and do not limit you at any point. Your journey will be like never before with the amazing multi-tasking ability of this device and the unique compatibility. Grab the IT-PB5K Poly power bank with the fine metallic finish which gives it an elegant look. Get it now to make your all ventures a cake walk!

Intex IT-PB5K Poly Power Bank with fine metallic design

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