Power That
Lasts Long

Intex PB-10KE Poly Power Bank

Power Packed in your Backpack!

You will never go out of power on your next backpack expedition, when you will have this power bank in your bag.

Armed with high-quality polymer cells, this device comes with 10000 mAh of output power.

Safety will always be First!

A device that is compatible to all of your favorite gadgets should keep them safe too!

Designed to protect your gadgets this power bank comes with enabled safety protection.

Pocket Friendly with Premium Design

A sleek design that let’s you carry this power bank wherever you go! The small and compact design of this device makes it a favorite of every wanderer.

Comes with In-Built Charging Cable

When you are out in the wild, no need to carry an extra charging cable around. It is a comprehensive device which comes with an in-built charging cable and USB ports giving you the freedom of connectivity.

Intex PB-10KE Poly with In-Built Charging Cables
Intex PB-10KE Poly with 10000 mAh Battery

Choose Intex PB-10KE Poly Power Bank as your new best travelling partner. Equipped with high-quality polymer cells battery this device is high on power with the massive output of 10,000 mAh.

With more than 500 life cycles this power packed device is compatible with all of your gadgets and comes with safety protection.

The sleek design with premium structure makes it not only attractive but also easy to carry whenever you are travelling.

The most important feature of it is the in-built charging cable that helps you to get rid of those extra jumbled charging cables.

What makes PB-10KE Poly Power Bank special is its USB ports giving you the freedom to charge 2 devices at once.

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