12500 mAh

Power Bank PB-12.5K ION

Power Your
Travel Seamlessly

Powerful 12500 mAh Power Bank PB-12.5K ION

Stay High on
Charge Always

Equipped with a powerful battery of 12500 mAh, this power bank is all what you need to make your travel hassle free.
The high-tech Li-Ion battery with more than 500 life cycles gives you long lasting power.

DISCLAIMER: This Power Bank can charge a 3000 mAh battery upto 4 times in one go

Fast Charging

2 USB ports also make it way easier to charge 2 of your devices at same time, saving you those precious moments.

Protection for
Your Device

It is a smart device for smarter people as it features an IC circuit, saving and protecting your favorite devices.

No need to worry as your devices will be safe from over-charge, over-current or short-circuit.

Compact Design
for your Ease

Designed keeping your convenience in mind, this power bank features a compact and sleek look which is easy to carry.

The leather like finish adds an ultimate style quotient to this device.

Powering your journey all the way to your destination is the Intex PB-12.5K ION power bank. Featuring a powerful Li-Ion battery of 12500 mAh with more than 500 life cycles it ensures a long lasting power to you.The fast charge input and 2.1A output make sure that you stay ahead without lagging power or charge in your phone, camera or tablet.The 2 USB ports help you to charge your favorite devices simultaneously and the IC circuit saves them from over-charging or over-current.Making your travel more easier is its compact and sleek design with a touch of high-style as it features a leather like finish. Get your hands on this full of power PB-12.5K ION power bank now!

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