Intex PB-5000 Power Bank

Companion For
All Your Travels

We are always on a move.

Make sure your smartphone doesn’t run out of power easily.

5000mAh battery takes care of all your power needs.

Intex PB-5000 with 5000mAh Battery

Guided Through The Light

A smart LED Light Power Indicator keeps you updated with the power remaining in the power bank.

Situations in control always!

Intex PB-5000 Power Bank with LED Light Power Indicator

Design That Will
Turn Some Heads

Our accessories speak for us.

The stylish finish and sleek design will surely grab some attention.

Pump up your style!

Feel the power in your hands with Intex PB-5000 Power Bank. A partner for all your travels, a strong 5000mAh Li-Ion battery makes sure your smartphone doesn’t run out of power easily.

A stylish and elegant accessory to suit your style, it is light weight and easy to carry because of its compact design.

Along with a LED Light Power Indicator, the PB-5000 is surely the power bank you need!

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