PB-6K Poly

Empower The
Good Times

Intex Empower PB-6K Poly Power Bank Intex PB-6K Poly Power Bank in Yellow Color Intex PB-6K Poly Power Bank in Gray Color

Your Partner inAdventure

Love to travel? Now travel without worrying about your phone battery.

6000 mAh powerhouse backs up all your adventures. Happy travelling to you!

Smartness hasNo Limits

Charge not just smartphones, but other gadgets too and be ready for the time of your life!

Connect MP3/MP4 players, cameras, tablets etc. and enjoy nonstop.

Lights That Guide

Isn’t it always better to be informed? It surely is, especially when it’s
about power!

An elegant LED Light indicator keeps you informed about the
power remaining. Smartness redefined.

PB-6K Poly Power Bank with LED Light Indicator

Travel In

Wherever you go, carry your style with you. It’s handy, it’s light and it’s beautiful.

Enough to make your travel pleasurable! #TravelGoals

We love to travel but low battery can be a bummer sometimes. But hey, that can’t stop you from having a good time! Introducing the all new Intex PB-6K Poly power bank, your new travel partner.

Go worry free when your adventures are backed by 6000 mAh power. Along with smartphones, charge other essential gadgets like MP3/MP4 players, cameras and tablets for a joy-filled trip.

With an elegant LED light to guide you through, stay informed about the power remaining and plan your power consumption better.

The new PB-6K Poly power bank is handy, light and way too stylish. All you need to make your travel wonderful. Bon voyage!

Light and Stylish Intex PB-6K Poly Power Bank

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