10000mAh Power Bank PB-P10N

Faster than Fast Charging on the Go

PB-P10N Power Bank Faster Charger

Faster than Fast Charging for your Device

Specialised 2A Input and 2.4A Output provides your device faster than fast charging and the plug & play feature helps you to stay on grid even while charging your phone.

Intex PB-P10N Power Bank Fast Charging Device

Connectivity in
a Single Device

This power bank comes with USB cable as an accessory and also features dual USB ports. So, now get the freedom of connectivity and it is a device designed for your hassle-free travel as it charges 2 Devices at the same time.

PB-P10N Multiple Connectivity Power Bank Charging

Power to Empower Your World

Armed with a powerful polymer battery of 10000 mAh, this power bank is designed to charge all of your devices effortlessly.

A life cycle of more than 500 times ensures you and charges your phone up to 3 times in one go.

10,000 mAh

Powerful Polymer Battery of 10000 mAh Power Bank
Disclaimer: This Power Bank can charge a 3000 mAh battery upto 3 times in one go

Sleek Design for
Your Convenience

Featuring a sleek and compact look to make your travel more and more efficient,
this power bank comes with a fashionable textured design.

The lightweight of it will give you an ease to carry this power-packed device without any worry!

Sleek Design PB-P10N Power Bank
PB-P10N Compact Design Power Bank in 2 Colors

Compact Design
in 2 Colors

Featuring a sleek and compact look, this power bank has a fashionable textured design and comes in black and grey colors.

The smart design gives you an ease to carry this power-packed device without any worry!

PB-P10N Power Bank with Polymer Battery

Let the power be with you with Intex PB-P10N Power Bank!

It comes with a power-packed battery of 10000 mAh which provides more than 500 life cycles of charging.

Its in-built polymer battery is highly secure and offers a safe charging session to your devices.

The specialised 2A Input and 2.4A Output of this device offer a lightning fast charging to your devices.

It comes with a USB cable and features dual USB ports, giving you the freedom of connectivity and making this device compatible with your phones, cameras, tablets etc.

It comes in two colors, black and grey, with a sleek design and a textured look which makes it fashionable and gives you an ease to carry this device anywhere without any hassle.

Now on your next vacation don’t forget to pack the PB-P10N Power Bank.

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