Intex RB1704RBB Refrigerator

Intex RB1704RBB Refrigerator with Crisper Drawer

Keep The
Freshness Intact

Your health is the biggest commitment to yourself.

Intex RB1704RBB Refrigerator comes with Crisper that keep the vegetables fresh and healthy for longer.

After all, your health is a reflection of what you eat

Taste That Doesn't

Unique stabilizer-free 135V ~ 290V to avoid any electrical harm and provide you with a smooth experience and a stable taste that doesn't fluctuate

Intex RB1704RBB Refrigerator with stabilizer-free 135V ~ 290V

Design To Go
With Your Style

Beautiful burgundy on the outside, stylish transparent on the inside.

A refrigerator to go with your style.

With fine finish and smooth edges, this refrigerator not only keeps the food fresh but also add to the beauty of your home

Cut Down
On Energy Costs

4 Star Energy Efficient certified meaning low power consumption.

Low power consumption is not only good for the environment but also take a load off your pocket.

Savings have never been easier

Intex RB1704RBB Refrigerator with 4 Star Energy Efficient

The new Intex RB1704RBB Refrigerator keeps your food fresh and you healthy.

With features like crisper, low energy consumption, unique stabilizer and stylish design – it is a must have for your home.

The new RB1704RBB Refrigerator commit to freshness, commit to health.

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