Intex RB1904WBB 190 Litres Refrigerator

Happiness Is
Fresh Food

Engineered with a technology that keeps your food fresh and the taste intact so that your family gets the best. With optimum temperature balance, your food stays in the natural form for longer duration.

Looks That Speak For Itself

An art in itself, the Intex Refrigerator adds charm to your kitchen and your lifestyle. Not just elegant looks but also it has a tough inner body. Especially designed Wire Shelves are ready to bear the load of heavy utensils and all your food.

RB1904WBB Refrigerator in Elegant Looks

Go Easy on Energy Consumption

Bring home the refrigerator that ensures freshness along with reduced power consumption. It’s simply smart for your pocket and the environment too!

RB1904WBB with Reduced Power Consumption Feature
5 Years Compressor Warranty on RB1904WBB Refrigerator

Happiness Guaranteed

Intex RB 1904WBB Refrigerator comes with a durable compressor with a warranty of 5 years on it. Now enjoy the freshness of your food without worrying about anything else.

The all new Intex RB1904WBB Refrigerator ensures that you get fresh food every time and keeps the taste of your food intact by maintaining an optimum temperature for your food. Elegant looks and fine design make it a must have piece of art for your home. Its durable load bearing shelves let you store heavy utensils with food items without any hassle. Efficient 4 Star Energy rating makes the RB1904WBB Refrigerator desirable by reducing the consumption of power and keeps it low in your pocket.

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