Intex RB1904WWT Single Door Refrigerator

Smart Cooling

Give Your Food
A Fresh Beginning

Serve freshness on plate, every time.

With temperature suitable for almost all your food items, make sure your refrigerator is full of happiness

Save More On Power

Easy on power consumption and easy on your pocket.

With Energy Efficient 4 Star rating, this refrigerator is a perfect fit for your home and your family. Its Inbuilt Stabilizer makes sure that your refrigerator is safe from power fluctuations.

RB1904WWT Refrigerator with Energy Efficient 4 Star Rating

Happiness That Comes
With A Guarantee

Enjoy freshness without worrying.

Equipped with durable compressor and reliable technology, the refrigerator comes with 5 years warranty on compressor.

5 Years compressor Warranty on RB1904WWT Refrigerator

Elegantly Tough

Beautiful outside, tough inside.

Now storing all your food won’t be a problem anymore. The toughened Glass Shelves are designed to bear the weight of your heavy utensils and the stylish finish of the Refrigerator complements your lifestyle.

RB1904WWT Refrigerator with Toughened Glass Shelves

The cool features and smart design of the all new Intex RB1904WWT Refrigerator will make you fall in love with it. Engineered with advanced technology that makes sure that all your food items stay fresh and you can serve happiness on plates. The toughened glass shelves that can carry the weight of heavy utensils and food items is a solution to your storage problem. 4 Star Energy Ratings eases off the power consumption and goes easy on your pockets too. Enjoy prolonged freshness with the RB1904WWT Refrigerator which boasts of a 5 years warranty on Compressor.

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