Blossom Series

Freshness like never before

Intex Blossom Series Refrigerator

Healthy Food Gives You
a Happy Mood!

Make your mind and body healthy
by storing food in a refrigerator
that comes with Removable Anti Bacterial Gasket that
keeps your food fresh.

Intex Blossom Series with Anti Bacterial Gasket

Balance is the key

This refrigerator comes with moist balance crisper which maintains the moisture at optimum level and creates correct balance of high and low humidity level.

Intex Blossom Series with Moist Balance Crisper

Say No to voltage Fluctuations

Voltage dips and fluctuations can damage your appliance. This refrigerator comes with stabilizer free operation which ensures that your food remains fresh and edible for longer.

Intex Blossom Series with Stabilizer Free Operation

Royalty at your home!

Give your home a superior look with PCM finish that gives an elegant look to your kitchen. It also comes with toughened glass shelves that hold heavy utensils without any breakage. Give your home a gift with the combination of look and power.

Intex Blossom Series in Wine Tropicana Color

Variants for Various Needs

Intex Blossom Series in 215 L Capacity
Intex Blossom Series in 195 L Capacity
Intex Blossom Series in 180 L Capacity

Give your kitchen the best look and keep your fruits and vegetables fresh with Blossom Series refrigerator. Enhanced features help to keep food fresh so that you never have to compromise on your health. This refrigerator comes with moist balance crisper which creates the correct balance of air and controls the humidity level. Fluctuations in voltage can damage your appliance but this refrigerator comes with stabilizer free operation.

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