Intex RG191WB Refrigerator

Make freshness a
part of life

Maintain moisture in your fridge at an optimum level with a crisper cover and get longer vegetable freshness.

Intex RG191WB Refrigerator with Crisper Cover

Efficiency at its best

A 1 Star Rating along with an energy efficient compressor. Save more energy without compromising on freshness and cut your monthly electricity bills – save money by being efficient.

Intex RG191WB Refrigerator with 1 Star Energy Efficient

Beauty in toughness

Beautiful bold looks on the outside, toughened glass shelves on the inside. These shelves can carry large utensils without a problem, so you can keep your food without any worries.

Intex RG191WB Refrigerator with Stylish Beautiful Looks

Endurance meets reliability

Intex RG191WB refrigerator comes with a durable compressor with a 5 Year warranty.

So stop worrying and enjoy uninterrupted cooling even in the summers.

Intex RG191WB Refrigerator with Durable Compressor

Royal look that enhances your home decor!

Make an impact amongst your relatives and peers with the alluring and enthralling Wine Blossom color that gives your home a beautiful look.

Intex RG191WB Refrigerator with Durable Compressor

Enjoy the awesome combination of cooling and freshness with the new Intex RG191WB Refrigerator. With a 1 star rating, save power and energy more efficiently. With elegant looks and tough interiors, it also adds style to your home.

A durable and energy efficient compressor with a 5 year warranty, makes this fridge a complete package. The all new RG191WB Refrigerator – Efficiency has a new name.


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