Intex LED 5001 FHD SMT Smart TV

Intex LED 5001 FHD SMT with Social Connectivity

Step Into The World Of Smart Entertainment

Entertainment has a whole new meaning.

Socialize, watch the world over internet, connect with your loved ones, all through the smart TV.

Amplify The Fun

Gaming buffs, brace yourselves! With T-Cast, mirror your smartphone with the smart LED and play your favorite games on a larger screen to make sure the fun unfolds multi-levels.

Intex LED 5001 FHD SMT T-Cast

Play What You Please

The N-Screen features helps you sync your smartphone with your smart LED and share files, so you can play what you love on 124 cm (50) Full HD Display.

Control your TV with your Smartphone/Tablet. All at your ease! Loving it already?

Get Into The Vicinity

Two powerful speakers make sure that you hear every sound in detail. With perfection flowing, entertainment at its best is guaranteed!

Stay Connected With Your World Over Internet

We love our apps! So why not enjoy them on a bigger screen!

Access your favorite apps like Facebook, YouTube, Yupp TV and many more without a lag.

The smart tv comes with Quad-Core CPU and Dual-Core GPU that provides unmatched visual experience

LED 5001 FHD SMT with Quad-Core CPU and Dual-Core GPU

Connectivity At Its Utmost Best

3 HDMI Ports with Auto Switch ports makes it convenient for you. Bid adieu to changing HDMI channels when the smart tv can detect the active HDMI on it’s own! Connect USB, WiFi or AV for on the go connectivity

Give in to the world of smart entertainment and welcome the new Intex LED-5001 FHD SMT Smart TV, an experience that redefines smartness. Do your thing on a soothing 124 cm (50) Full HD display that’s a treat to the eyes. With features like N-Screen and T-Cast, make the best of smart technology by connecting your smart devices with your TV and amplify the fun. Two powerful speakers bring entertainment to life. Stay connected over the internet with your Smart TV and enjoy your favorite apps like Facebook, YouTube, Yupp TV etc. With fine connectivity like 3 HDMI ports, USB ports and WiFi that lets you play whatever you want! The new LED-5001 FHD SMT Smart Television is a perfect gift for your loved ones.


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