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LED-3201 SMT

Intex LED-3201 SMT Smart TV

Panel Size 80 cm (32)

Embrace the Future

Change the way you watch TV. With a 80 cm (32) HD Panel, browse videos, play games, socialize or get in touch with your loved ones the smarter way.
With LED 3201 Smart TV, open a new world of TV watching.

Intex LED-3201 SMT with 80cm (31.49) HD Display
Intex LED-3201 SMT with Dual-Core Processor, 1 GB RAM

Ease has a new name

With the powerful combination of the Dual-Core Processor, a big 1 GB RAM , Mega Dynamic contrast Ratio and a fully functional remote control that can also be used as a mouse, your TV viewing experience will never be the same again.

Redefine what a TV can do

Wireless display allows you to share any device screen with your Smart TV. Connect your smartphone, PC or tablet with ease. Play games, give a presentation, enjoy video calling and do tons of other stuff without any hassle

Intex LED-3201 SMT with Video Calling

Sound of Pure Perfection

With a Built-in Stereo Speakers and Digital Noise Reduction, get amazing sound
clarity and perfect balance. It also comes with a sound alone effect that allows you
to listen only the sound with display turned off.

Intex LED-3201 SMT with Stereo Speakers

Your Flicks and Chill

Enjoy seamless entertainment with apps like Hotstar, Yupp TV, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and many more – Do more than just watch.

Intex LED-3201 SMT upto 200 Apps

Experience Flawless Connectivity

Connect any device without any effort with an array of connectivity options like USB 2.0, HDMI.
Headphone Jack, and AV–simplify life.

LED-3201 SMT with Flawless Connectivity

Change the way you watch TV with the all new Intex LED-3201 SMT Smart TV. It boasts a beautiful 80 cm (32) HD Panel with features like Built-in Stereo Speakers, Digital Noise Reduction, Eye Safe-T Matrix and Smart Power Saving technology.

With 1 GB RAM, Dual-Core Processor, Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio and a fully functional remote control, stay ahead of the world. Enjoy all your favourite apps in one place and never run out of entertainment.

The Smart TV comes with a number of connectivity options so compatibility will not be an issue anymore. With the new LED-3201 SMT Smart Television, entertainment is surely on a roll!


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  • This product falls under e-waste ( Mangement and Handling ) Rules 2016. For Proper disposal method visit our website.
  • Due to regular updation of the product, the picture and specifications on the packaging box/catalogue might differ from the actual product.
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