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Intex LED B4301 UHD SMT Smart TV

PANEL SIZE 109 cm (43)

Witness The Virtual World With Smarter LED

Enjoy Smartness on your Intex android Smart TV with 1.1GHz Quad-core ARM Cortex processor. Use apps like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, VLC Player, Hotstar all on your Smart TV and open the world of possibilities.

Intex LED B4301 UHD SMT with 1.1GHz Quad-core Processor

One Fun

Double the fun with Multi Language Support. The LED with more than 200 apps and Multiple Games let you explore the virtual world.

Illuminating Entertainment

Lay back and let the world of visuals take over with Air Mouse.109 cm (43) 4K Ultra HD Panel outraces even reality! Digital Noise Reduction automatically optimizes the filter and provides finest sound effects.

Intex LED B4301 UHD SMT with 109cm Ultra HD Display

Wires Are The Days Of Past

Welcome the world without wires. Connect your smartphone or other smart gadgets with your LED wirelessly and play whatever you want with Miracast Display. Now that’s smart!

Looks Good,
Feels Good

An LED that ensures goodness. Eye Safe-T Matrix adjusts the brightness, contrast and sharpness automatically to prevent tiredness. Go easy with the BT feature and connect with the virtual world instantly.


Never Run Out Of Options

With Multiple Options like 2 USB Ports, 4 HDMI Ports and 1 VGA Port, never run out of entertainment.

LED B4301 UHD SMT with 2 USB Ports and 4 HDMI Ports

Discover perfection with the all new Intex B4301 LED Smart TV. Let the visuals take you on a joy ride with 109 cm (43) 4K Ultra HD Display that's even better than reality. Digital Noise Reduction optimizes the noise and gives out a crystal clear sound output. Enhance entertainment when your LED is backed by 1.1GHz Quad-core ARM Cortex processor, that lets you enjoy apps like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Hotstar and many more flawlessly! Step into the wireless world. Connect your smartphone with the Smart LED through Miracast and play whatever you want from your phone on TV. Cool! Isn't it?

Get an array of connectivity options like 2 USB Ports, 4 HDMI Ports and 1 VGA Port. The B4301 LED Smart TV not just looks good but feels good too. Eye Safe-T Matrix adjusts brightness, contrast and sharpness automatically to prevent tiredness. A perfect accessory for your home and family!


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