The Power to Transform

Intex FitRist Pulzz

Intex FitRist Pulzz Smartband


Let It Pump

Your heart beat is a sign of health

Monitor Heart Beat while you exercise and make the best out of your workout! Keep a close check and lead a healthy life


Drink It Up

Fight Dehydration with style

Keep the spirits high! With Hydration Alarm to look after your needs, never get dehydrated. Keep your energy levels high

Stay Fit. Stay Social.

We sure know how to Multitask

Never miss out on any notification. The FitRist Pulzz notifies you of Incoming calls, SMS, Social media and IM's. Stay Social in style!


Personalize Health

Delivering Perfection is a habit

With your personalized Stride Rate* inculcated in your device, get perfect and tailored results. Generic is not our thing!

Different Styles For Different Moods

Being conventional is not our style

Change your style every time you feel like! With Changeable strap options, flaunt a new style everyday. Single point Touch Display makes the experience smoother!


Fitness shouldn't stop

Fitness is a habit

Fitness doesn’t stop while you sleep. Monitor your sleep and make the best of it! Fitness isn't restricted to just gyms.

Fitness Regime On Point

For a better tomorrow

Your Health is your biggest priority. Make every step, every workout better than the previous. Count steps, calories burnt, distance travelled and all that you need to stay fit! Fitness is a lifestyle


A Wardrobe Essential

The perfect combination of fitness and class

Style embraced with fitness is a combination you just can’t resist. The new FitRist Pulzz is a wardrobe essential. Enjoy health wrapped in style

Intex FitRist Pulzz is a must have for every fitness freak and those who are not, it will make you one!

The smartband is loaded with features like Step Count, Distance travelled, Calories burnt, Hydration alarm, Sleep monitoring, RoHS Compliant and much more to keep you healthy, it also boasts features like Music Control, Camera Control, Notifications for calls, SMS, IM’s and Alarm to ease your life.

FitRist Pulzz smartband is your new fitness buddy!

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