Intex FitRist Cardio

Your Move

Heart Rate Sensor

Intex FitRist Cardio Smartband with Heart Rate Sensor

Step Counter

Count Every Step with Intex FitRist Cardio Step Counter

Every Step Takes
You Closer To Your
Fitness Goal

When it's about your fitness regime, every step counts. Count every step that takes you closer to your goals.

Heart Monitoring

Monitor Your Heart with Intex FitRist Cardio Heart Monitoring Feature

A Healthy Heart Is
A Healthy You

Your heart reflects your health. So make sure you monitor it right with FitRist Cardio.

Calories Burn

Measure the Calories with Intex FitRist Cardio Smartband

The Best Thing
You'll Ever Work
On Is Your Health

Your health is the best you can work upon, so make sure you give your best.

Measure the calories burnt everyday and push yourself off the limits.



Intex FitRist Cardio with Hydration Alarm

Hydration Alarm

Sleep Monitoring

Challenge To

The toughest part is to GET STARTED.

It's time to take that first step towards fitness and start running for a healthier future with Intex Fitrist Cardio your, new best fitness tracking Buddy.

Do it all with Android enabled FitRist Cardio.


Measure the distance covered and reach your fitness goals just right.

Hydration Alarm

While you sweat it out, it's important to stay hydrated too! Set up Water Reminders to make sure you intake water on a regular interval.


Put on your jogging shoes and take charge of your health with Intex FitRist Cardio. Make the best out of every running session.

Sleep Monitoring

Keep a track of your sleeping pattern and improve the quality of your sleep. A goodnight sleep is an important part of your fitness regime.

Flip Your Fitness with Intex FitRist Cardio Smartband

Fitness With Just
A Flip

Fitness never sleeps. Just twist your wrist to activate your screen and get back to your fitness goals.

Music Control
Camera Control

It Doesn't Make It
Easy, But Makes It
Worth It

Enjoy your workout session by making it more fun. Take charge of your music and control it with your ease.

Control camera to capture and flaunt your gains. With an inbuilt alarm, never miss out on your workout.

Intex FitRist Cardio with Anti-Loss Feature

Give In To
The Smarter World

Experience fitness with a smarter touch. With features like Anti-loss and Find My Device, make sure you have the hold on the whereabouts of your device.

Losing on field or off field is not our thing.

Intex FitRist Cardio with Notification Features

Social Life
On Point

Don't miss out on your notifications while working out. Your Intex Fitrist Cardio notifies you about the incoming calls, SMS, WhatsApp messages and Facebook Messenger chats.

Fitness in not about being better than someone. It is about being a better version of yourself. Give in to the power of Intex FitRist Cardio smartband, a quintessential part of your fitness regime. Fitness shouldn't just restrict to the gym. Wherever you go, your fitness should be well taken care of.

Count steps, measure distance and burn calories without a hassle to ensure a healthy routine. Features like heart monitoring, sleep monitoring and hydration alarm enhance your overall fitness. Add on the fun to fitness by remotely operating your music and exercise as you please. With camera control, take easy selfies post workout. To do it all, make sure you get up on time with the help of an inbuilt alarm.

A smart device in the true sense, the smartband boasts of security features like finding the device and Anti-loss which protects your device from losing. Get notified for all the incoming calls and messages. Get your hands on the new Intex FitRist Cardio smartband today and take your fitness to the next level.

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