iRist Smart Watch Phone

SIM Enabled Smart watch

Enabled with 3G

With iRist, you can originate a call, send messages, also the call can be heard and answered with just your Wrist.

SIM Enabled Smart Watch

Bigger Display

3.9 cm(1.56) Screen with 240 x 240 Pixels with Sapphire Glass

Smartness at your wrist becomes more clear, with iRist’s Bigger Screen and the best in Industry Screen resolution.

Your Long Lasting Partner

Bigger 600 mAh Battery

The Best in Industry Big Battery 600 mAh, will keep your Wrist Alive for a Day, without running after the charger sockets.

iRist Smart Watch Phone with 600 mAh Battery

Your Own Guide

Inbuilt GPS

Stop Worrying about driving and Holding your Phone to search for locations. With Intex iRist, you have your own personal navigator just at the twist of Wrist.

iRist Smart Watch Phone with inbuilt GPS
iRist Smart Watch Phone with inbuilt Pedometer

Health is Time !

Inbuilt Pedometer

With iRist, you have pedometer, which will keep a track of every step you take and will measure every calorie you shed.

Click with a Flick

5 MP Camera

The Only Smart watch with Camera, iRist captures your memory and stores it, So, now your memories are yours with just a click with flick of wrist.

iRist Smart Watch Phone with 5MP Camera

Express yourself with more colors

Let your hands do the talking by wearing your color on your wrist

iRist Smart Watch in Black Color
iRist Smart Watch in Orange Color
iRist Smart Watch in Pink Color

Dust and water resistant

It is impressive indeed to watch your smartwatch in action even in bad weather conditions. Your Intex iRist comes protected by dust and water conditions.

Music on the go

Connect your iRist watch via BT earphones and groove to your favorite tracks

iRist Smart Watch with BT Earphones

Stay connected to your friends and family throughout with Wifi.

A Phone Smart Enough To Fit Your Wrist

Sync your phone with the iRist and carry everything from missed call, phonebook and messages on your wrist.

Sync your Phone with the iRist Smart Watch
iRist Smart Watch with Voice Assistant

All You Have to Do is Say

Voice Assistant

Send mails, dial a number or open/close apps without moving a muscle, with just your voice based commands.

Power in your hand

1.2 GHz Dual-Core Processor
512 MB RAM

iRist Smart Watch with 1.2 Ghz Dual Core Processor

Into the Limelight

Intex iRist draws attention and gets into the headlines.

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