Intex DJ-20000 SUFB

Party Starts
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Are you a grooving party animal who loves their music loud and clear?
A 4 driver speaker system makes the speaker set a perfect accessory for all the party enthusiasts.

Intex DJ-20000 SUFB with Multi-way Audio System

Connecting Millennials

We all love a perennial flow of music!
Connectivity options like SD, USB, Digital FM, BT, AUX and DVD shall guide your party all night.
With a fully functional remote control, lead the celebrations your way.

Intex DJ-20000 SUFB with Fully Functional Remote Control

Be Your Own DJ

Enjoy the beats with 20.32 cm (8 inch) dual woofer with a wooden cabinet to amplify your experience
by pumping up the bass and providing a superior sound experience.

Your Senses

A speaker set that not just captivates your auditory senses but takes you on a complete joy ride.

Feel good about music and sing your heart out! Connect up to two MICs for a perfect duet experience.

The Piano finish of the Cordless MIC gives it an exquisite look to leave your guests spellbound.

A shout out to all the party animals! Introducing the all new Intex DJ-20000 SUFB speakers to make you dance all night. 64W + 64W noise free and powerful output to give provide you with an enthralling experience.

Let every beat pump up and feel the base with 20.32 cm (8 inch) dual woofer enclosed in a wooden cabinet to ensure loud and powerful sound quality that adds WOW factor to your celebrations. Connect the way you want! Options like SD, USB, Digital FM, BT, AUX and DVD keeps the music flowing.

Lead the party with a fully functional remote control that gives you a full control over music and helps you be the perfect host. How about bringing home a speaker set that leaves your guests spellbound? Modish looks and Piano finish captivates the senses and makes DJ-2000 SUFB speakers a perfect party accessory. Let’s party!

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