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Intex DJ-225 SUFB

Get Your Groove On!

Intex DJ-225 SUFB DJ Speaker

2.0 DJ Speaker for Perfect Beats & Amazing Bass

Awesome 2.0 DJ speaker gives you the perfect beats and amazing bass to make your party an absolute blast.

Intex DJ-225 SUFB with 2.0 DJ Speaker

BuildTo Produce

BestQuality Sound

Amazing design to give that perfect sound.

The snappy LED display along with analog controls and smart digital controls make these speakers a must have for your every occasion – from jam sessions to weekend parties.

Intex DJ-225 SUFB with LED display

Amplify the celebration

With a range of connectivity options to choose from: AUX/USB/SD/FM/BT/MIC make the most of everything.

It also comes with cordless mic functionality so be the life of the party!

Whyshould the

fun stop?

A fully functional Remote Control to let you play your music from anywhere in the room.

Playing your favorite score won’t be a hassle now.

Intex DJ-225 SUFB with Fully Functional Remote Control

The all new Intex DJ-225 SUFB Speaker is truly amazing. The awesome sound quality, 2.0 DJ Speaker and a number of connectivity options: AUX/USB/SD/FM/BT/MIC, make the speaker a great addition for the music lovers.

The cordless mic functionality lets you be the star of your concert. An awesome design and a fully functional remote control to compliment it, DJ-225 SUFB Speaker makes you the king of celebrations.

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