IT-2.1 XM 3030 SUFB

Packed with punch!

Bring Home
The Musical Marvel

A speaker set that sounds good and looks better! 2 satellite speakers with multi inputs provide a high-caliber sound output.

Adorable round shape of the speakers and elegant finish gives you another reason to bring it home.

Let the party begin!

Intex IT-2.1 XM 3030 SUFB with 2 powerful Satellite Speakers

Bass It Up !

Fall in love with the beats. Wooden body of the speaker enhances the bass multifold to leave your guests wanting for more!

Let the party begin!

Lasting Music

Wire or wireless, you got it all! Never fall short of options when your speaker set flaunts of connectivity options like USB, AUX, SD and BT.

Can’t figure out what to listen?

Simply tune in to FM and take the easy seat.

Flawless! Isn’t it?

The Party Starts
With You!

Are you the one who loves to
lead? Go on and take the lead
with fully functional remote
control that makes the party
grooves to your tune.

The remote assists you to
navigate easily and set the
perfect mood. Be the trend!

Enjoy the moments packed with punch! Introducing the all new Intex IT-2.1 XM 3030 SUFB speakers, a perfect musical accessory for your home. 2 satellite speakers provide you with captivating sound output so that you enjoy your music at its finest.

The adorable shape of the speakers and modish finish is a pleasing sight and adds elegance to your celebrations. Enjoy an array of connectivity options like USB, AUX, SD, BT and FM to look after your musical needs just right.

A fully functional remote lets you take the lead, helps you navigate easily, makes the party groove to your tune and makes you the perfect host. Love the bass? Relish the moments when the wooden body of the woofer amplifies the bass and adds on to the fun! Need any more reasons to buy the IT-2.1 XM 3030 SUFB? We guess not! Get home the musical marvel!

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