IT-2.1 XV 2710 FMUB

Performance. Bass. Beauty.

Intex IT-2.1 XV 2710 FMUB Home Speakers

Intex IT-2.1 XV 2710 FMUB with LED Display

Elegance personified

Beauty at its best. Elegant Piano finish with front bezel and easy to use interface, exceptional LED display adds on to the mind blowing looks, you just can’t miss!

Acoustic perfection

Let the beat drop! High tolerance for voltage fluctuation ensures distortion free music. Awesome Bass takes your celebration to another level and makes your party even more happening!

Intex IT-2.1 XV 2710 FMUB with Awesome Bass

Connecting Souls

We all love a continuous flow of good music. Wide options like USB, FM and BT to choose from, good music is guaranteed!

Intex IT-2.1 XV 2710 FMUB with USB, FM and BT Connectivity

Sound for Your Ears. Music for Your Heart

Captivate your senses with soulful music. Lose yourself to the two satellite speakers and enjoy the best surround quality at minimum fuss.

Intex IT-2.1 XV 2710 FMUB with Two Satellite Speakers

Love elegance? You’ll surely love the new Intex IT-2.1 XV 2710 FMUB speakers! 2.1 channel speakers with multi input ensure a powerful performance and light up your musical experience. An analog bass control lets you pump your party in no time. Just turn it up! A wide array of connectivity options like USM, FM and BT assures a constant flow of good music. A visual marvel, the IT-2.1 XV 2710 FMUB speakers flaunt a Piano finish front bezel, analog volume control with glower, White LED display, channel speakers’ front covered with metal mesh adds on to the looks and makes a perfect choice for your home. Get yourself the gift of music!

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