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Intex IT-2480 FMU BT

A New Era Of Music

Exceptional Surround Sound

2.1 Channel multimedia speakers that deliver brilliant Surround Sound in pure harmony for an enthralling experience

Intex IT-2480 FMU BT with 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker

Connectivity On The Go!

Simply connect USB, DVD, BT, PC, TV, FM, AUX to play your favourite songs and surround yourself with a crystal clear distortion-free sound

Intex IT-2480 FMU BT with USB, DVD, BT, PC, TV, FM & AUX

IT-2480 FMU BT with Navigation Control

Party On Your Fingertips

Be the party king and take control of music in your hands! Easy navigation to control volume, play music, do anything on the go.

Distinctive Radiating Style

A design engineered to perfection! Radiating LED bright Display that catches
everyone’s eyes & adds elegance to the chic design

Intex IT-2480 FMU BT with Radiating LED Bright Display

The all new IT-2480 FMU BT premium speakers are going to jazz up your party & set the mood just right. An Output Power of 20W + 8W x 2 so you never stop till you drop! Graceful looks & exciting music, what else does one need! Just groove!

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