IT-2650 Digi Plus FMUB

Now your favourite model also
with BT connectivity

Intex IT-2650 Digi Plus FMUB with 4.1 Channel Speakers

Illuminating Emotions

A musical marvel that sets the mood just right. Let your emotions take the lead with blue light that adds to the glamour and ensures that the onlookers are in for visual treat.

Intex IT-2650 Digi Plus FMUB with Blue Light

Indulge Yourself In Magic

Get an amazing surround with four satellite speakers and powerful woofer to accompany you for any occasion.

The Power To Connect

Enjoy the music with instant, easy access with varied options. Connect your speakers with AUX, BT, USB or FM and you are up for a soothing ride. Take control with a fully functional remote control and lead the party!

Intex IT-2650 Digi Plus FMUB with AUX, BT, USB or FM Connectivity

A Class Apart

Eye catching design with an interesting blend of ABS Glossy finish in the front and matte finish on the sides. Combined with front bezel and elegant finish makes it stand out in the crowd.

Intex IT-2650 Digi Plus FMUB in ABS Glossy Finish & Eye Catching Design

Do you get carried away by the goodness of music? Then let yourself go easy with the all new Intex IT-2650 Digi Plus FMUB home speakers. Indulge yourself in magic with 4.1 channel speakers covered with plastic mesh on the front that ensures a flawless output. For your party mood, the enthralling bass takes over! Enjoy a fine piece of technology to add on to the elegance. A gesture glower with blue lights is something you’ll adore every time. Connect it with AUX, BT, USB or play FM and be assured of continuous music. Treat your visual senses with the good-looking IT-2650 Digi Plus FMUB home speaker system which comes with ABS glossy finish front bezel, red LED display and elegant finish. Music never sounded so good!

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