IT-3510 FMUB

Gear up for a soothing musical journey with 2.1 channel powerful satellite speakers.
Enjoy finest sound quality that stimulates your senses to give a relaxing experience.
Let your heart sing!

Intex IT-3510 FMUB with 2.1 channel powerful satellite speakers

Music is the bridge between heaven and your soul.

With connectivity options like BT, USB, AUX, DVD and FM, stay connected with your favorite music.

Intex IT-3510 FMUB with USB and BT connectivity

How about a speaker set that ensures a
continuous flow of good music along with
exceptionally good looks?

Get your hands on the perfect musical
accessory for your home!

Intex IT-3510 FMUB Home Speaker with LED Display

Express yourself better with music and play
what you love.

A user-friendly remote control helps you
have a laid back time and enjoy your favorite
songs at your ease!

Intex IT-3510 FMUB with user friendly remote control.

Let good music lead you through. Enjoy the best of your music with Intex IT-3510 FMUB speakers that can enhance your mood like never before!

Hear every sound loud and clear without any disturbance on 2.1 channel satellite speakers covered with a wooden back frame that amplifies the sound and surrounds you with awesomeness.

Connectivity options like BT, USB, AUX, DVD and FM ensures a continuous flow of good music. A user-friendly remote control is another feature that helps you have a good time at your ease and enjoy the fine sound quality.

Multicolor disco lights create an ambiance that turns your house party into a club! With IT- 3510 FMUB speakers, let your heart sing!

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