IT-5.1 XH 6050 SUFB

Rock Your Party!

Intex IT-5.1 XH 6050 SUF BT with Ultra Smooth Design
Speaker sound icon

Bold Looks Modish Feel

Ultra Smooth finish accompanied with voguish design & rich feel so it looks as bold as it sounds!

Pitch Perfect Surround Sound

Connect your Wooden Woofer with Mobile to play pitch perfect 5.1 Surround Sound and hear the highs, lows, distortion-free beats and ultra-clear vocals

Intex IT-5.1 XH 6050 SUFB with 5.1 Surround Sound

The Music Never Stops

Take control of the music! Navigate through the songs and easily run the party. Play. Pause. Repeat. The music never stops!

Intex IT-5.1 XH 6050 SUFB with Music Naviagation System

Get Connected in a Jiffy

Play your favorite songs by simply connecting
USB, DVD, FM ,BT in a jiffy and stream right away!

Intex IT-5.1 XH 6050 SUFB with USB, DVD, FM ,BT Connectivity

Exotic Luminous Display

Illuminating LED bright Display that enhances its premium sleek
design. Trippy music, stunning looks, dazzling display.

Intex IT-5.1 XH 6050 SUF BT with LED Display

The ultimate IT-5.1 XH 6050 SUFB is the Home Speaker that you simply must-have! Crystal clear, noise free and superior Surround Sound is delivered by the set of these exotic 5.1 speakers. Elegant looks, exquisite design, mesmerizing music, get the gorgeous IT-5.1 XH 6050 SUFB speakers today!

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