Intex WMFF60SD Washing Machine

A smarter way to wash

Pamper your clothes the way you pamper yourself! Featuring unique 3D curved stainless steel drum which adds to the softness of the fabric and fully automatic functions that comes with 12 wash programme.

Intex WMFF60SD with 2 Wash Programme

Wash it up;
wear it out!

Now your washing task will be an enjoyable one with Unique 3D curve inner tub that is rust proof and gives your clothes damage free washing!

Intex WMFF60SD with 3D Curve Inner Tub

Unique design with digital display

Now standing near the machine until the clothes are washed is an old way! This smart machine comes with LED digital display which enables you to see the ongoing process, remaining time, error code alarm, & delay start display even from a far distance.

Intex WMFF60SD with LED Digital Display

Wide door opening!

Giving you an ease to do your laundry effortlessly is the wide door opening of this machine. Easy to load door is designed with TOUGHENED GLASS to make your washing machine sturdy and strong.

Intex WMFF60SD with Toughened Glass

Safety rules are best tools

Worry less wash more! This machine comes with child lock safety feature to make sure that there are no compromises on your child’s safety during their play time!

Temperature selection option for better washing

Adjust the temperature for the perfect cleaning of the clothes with the addition of a powerful motor to kick out the dirt deeply. Now failure in power supply will not affect the cleaning process with its smarter memory back feature, start where it stopped to keep the process going on!

Intex WMFF60SD with Memory Back Feature

It's time for a powerful washing system. Introducing the new Intex WMFF60SD Fully Automatic Front Loading washing machine with the smarter way to take care of your clothes. A unique 3D Curve Drums with curve holes cleans your clothes softly with maximum spins up to 1000 rpm. 12 washing programs extract the dirt deeply without damaging the quality of your clothes. Led digital display gives you the view even from a distance. Child lock safety feature ensures there is no interruption in their playing time! Wide door opening with toughened glass ensures the easy loading and unloading of the laundry in the machine without any hindrance. Gift your home WMFF60SD Fully Automatic Front Loading washing machine!

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